Pinocchio’s Children Library

The proposal for the new international Pinocchio Children’s Library starts from a precise statement: ‘Collodi is Pinocchio and Pinocchio is Collodi’. With this awareness, the project proposes a dynamic architecture which aims to link organically the old urban environment of the Tuscan town with the new library complex, estabilishing a new relationship with the landscape and with the cultural structure of the territory.

The Collective Platform is a suspended and open gallery which links the new buildings to the existing urban fabric. It is a continuous platform which turns and bends in order to open-up a novel panoramic walk-experience, defining a range of green squares and making the area accessible from the two sides of the river. The Pinocchio’s Library is the main building of the complex and will arise in place of the Garden House. It is conceived as a place of wonder where children and parents can experience the discovery of the fairy tales. Finally, the Exhibition Centre is a polyvalent building, which will host temporary and permanent exhibitions to show the collection of the Collodi Foundation.