Mosul’s Welcome Hub

Project: Antonio Boeri, Jacopo Reale

The Welcome Hub is an infrastructure which aims to host the refugees who are coming back to Mosul after the end of the ISIS occupation, while their homes are being rebuilt and the city regains its living conditions. The hosting process has been translated in the design of a polycentric building, which is composed of three permeable sectors that correspond to the three main phases of re-integration. The Humanitarian Infrastructure is the external perimeter building which receive and care the newly arrived offering them basic emergency health, vaccination assistance and temporary shelters. The Collective Re-Hab is the second sector where a range of green, public and religious spaces gives them the possibility to re-create a common sense of society. The City Reintegration Zone is the core of the hub and the final step of the re-integration process: here the refugees can seek to secure a future to their family moving to an individual house and starting up their own businesses.