Project: CMQ Architettura     Design: Antonio Boeri, Ludovico Oldini    Photos: Elisa Galluzzo

MEZZ-ARIA is a continuous floating desk designed for a client’s apartment in Milan. The idea of Mezz-aria came from the need of making the maximum use of a very narrow and long leftover space located in the proximity of the living room. In particular, MEZZ-ARIA has been conceived as a thin single element which floats along the window for a span of more than 3 metres and which is fixed in only two different points as a beam: in this way the desk appears as a very light and ethereal element without any visible structural support.

This particular interest in lightness has been applied also to the material selection: the rolled aluminium, which fully covers the surface of MEZZ-ARIA, reflects indeed the natural light that enters through the window, establishing a direct relationship with the outdoor space and creating an intimate atmosphere.