Cerro, la Habana Streetscape Territories by Kris Scheerlinck

Kris Scheerlinck, Ada Portero Ricol, Iwo Borkowicz, Vytautas Lelys, Wim Van Hees, Aaron Swartjes, Antonio Boeri, Virginia Stammitti, Marija Armonaite

This seventh notebook in a series of Streetscape Territories publications describes a research project in Havana, Cuba in collaboration with CUJAE, Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría (Cuba) and with support of VLIR UOS for development cooperation (Flanders). This publication includes experiences, insights and proposals by 6 students of the Faculty of Architecture who spent 6 weeks on site to contribute to the Streetscape Territories VLIR UOS development project (KU Leuven), focusing on the municipality El Cerro. (The slides from the book presented below are part of the work of Virginia Stammitti and Antonio Boeri).

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